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Apr 15, 2009
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South Cheshire
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I'm about to 'Apiguard' my hives and currently they are on open mesh floors with 'one bee width' entrances due to major league wasp problems and all holes in the crown boards are closed up as I have rapid feeders in use currently.

If I add a shallow (5cm) eke, place the Apiguard tray directly on to the top of the brood frames and then replace the wooden inserts in the floors then the ventilation is going to be next to zero.

I get the distinct impression that this might be a very bad thing!

Any ideas?
Do you have a spare super you can use instead? I am using one as I Api guard. The extra depth means extra ventilation.

I have made a small eke from 2X1. What can you do to stop the bees from building comb linking the frames and the crown board? This is a current problem, as the colony are still building up from a nuc. We are feeding them syrup so they draw out more brood frames for winter stores. We have quite a bit of wild comb between frames and glass crown board.