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Dec 14, 2008
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Her who must be obeyed! Is wanting a pond!

I have looked on the web and there are a few different types of liners available, any advice on which one?

Size of pond will be about 10m x 5m with a 1m max depth.

I am wanting the beach effect along one edge and a small pier /jetty and of course a small rowing type boat to lie in with a few tin'ies!:cheers2:
My experience of the pond was an bottomless bucket which required a constant stream of money to sort out.

Very expensive things and if like us you are unlucky enough to have fish that breed its a serious problem to get rid of the excess as they are automatically deemed to be diseased and no one wants them.

Finally we got shot of them and the pump and the filter (which was a huge affair and still couldn't cope) so it was with a great sigh of mutual relief that we decked it over.

My plan was to have it as natural as possible, i.e no pumps or filters!

And just put in as many plants as possible! or is it just a recipe for a stagnant hole?
Hi jimbo
it will stagnate as you say and eventually start to pong. I built a wildlife pond in the garden, dug a very big hole one day, and kept digging, decided to buy some liner from an aquatics shop near me, with some underliner, put in a slope, pebbles etc, and covered the edges with stones, rocks and turf, bought a filter and plants, withint a very short space of time, we had newts, frogs, dragon flies etc.

Would highly recommend it - i only emptied the filter once a year, i only ran it for a few hours a day.

Put up somepics of your work in progress.
Put up somepics of your work in progress.

I would love to.

This project is in addtion to the decking and new roof she wants, so might be a while before I get round to it, but I like to plan everthing well in advance

What 'glass half empty' miseries.:svengo:

Go for that pond...
Years ago,against my wishes, my son chain-sawed a huge shrub, and JCB'd a deep hole out in the garden, replacing the shrub with a 6' deep pond that is about 15'x15' across. Yes, we have a pump but it isnt always on.It is no problem, just deweedingabout twice a year, We keep the pump inside a small linen basket to keep weed out- it cannot be seen deep in the pond. If the plants are right, the pond stays clean. We have about 70 fish in, and they self regulate numbers. Never had disease in 15 years.

And yes, I love it now. The waterfall is very soporific :cool: The only problem is the heron - but fine fishing line in a cobweb effect keeps it off and is unobtrusive visually.
He lined the pond base with sand then added a plastic liner. Stones held it in place and now you cannot see the stones as nature has camouflaged it all. Lilies on the surface- and we have loads of frogs and newts too. - And today - magic- about 40 bees drinking and damsel fliesand dragonflies skitting over it-
When it works it is lovely.

When it don't it is tres expensive and mucho hassle.

I honestly would not have believed the hassle one small pond could create.

Jusr realised how bad my post above reads,I am talking about charlie dimmock who worked at Grizzly's local aquatic centre.
I made a small pond for wild life on my allotment from damp proof membrane that they put under concrete floors, had it 10 years now never leaked and doesn't smell, I put plenty of water aerated plants in including pond lilies and flag iris, i top it up with rain water that I collect in water barrels.
Every year it's full of spawning frogs, newts, dragonflies and 5 goldfish for a few years till the heron had them, even a swarm off bee's this year.
Go for it.
Wow Grizzly, how lucky are you!

I used to have a thing for her, but she has aged a bit and does not quite do it for me.

Watching her, bending over to tend her beds, on the chance you would get a peek.....OK Admin, story will continue in Adult section:cheers2:
Go for a good quality butyl liner and put a softer layer underneath. Some people use newspaper. Small ponds get smelly because they are too small to regulate themselves but the size you have in mind will be fine. I have a pond and have not used the fountain for a year or so. I don't use a filter. You don't need one if you are not having koi carp. I decided not to have fish with this pond. I found the goldfish were boring. It was much more interesting watching the wild stuff instead. The benefits are that I now have loads of newts, frogs and toads in my greehouse - natural pest control in abundance.

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