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Drone Bee
Nov 9, 2008
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One of my biggest frustrations with this hobby is not being able to do some management techniques as the books say, and spur of the moment inspections or visits from Monday to Friday.

Just recently i have even contemplated taking a "sickie" so i can go and see the bees and do some much needed maintenance. weekends are never long enough for family and Bees.

Purely out of idle curiosity has anyone else thought this or even done so ?
i'm my own boss lol
can't wait to get my bees , take sicky when ever lol
Who me......never :leaving: :rolleyes:
Only another week before the clocks are changed for BST. It is still only March. Bees have looked after themselves for more years than humans have been around.

If I take a day off, I don't get any money. So simply my choice; I need money to live, so bees can wait, especially at this time of the year. If important, it will get done.

Regards, RAB
Hi Oliver

Clocks go forward tonight.

Don't want you sleeping in do we:willy_nilly:

John D
Your'e right! - well tomorrow morning! I will be up an hour late, I daresay.

How time flies! Looking good (this morning) to peek in a couple hives later today.

But no 'main' inspections contemplated, just a cursory glance to check all is well, add some liquid feed, maybe check for the amount of pollen in the stores.

Burn sulphur strips over the stored super frames. Continue with knocking up 14 x 12 ekes. 'Nuff to do.

Regards, RAB
what you want to try and do is rather than working out in the weather try the idea of a large fishing umberella stuck in a pipe next to the bee hives in that way if it is slight dizzle or may just start you can finish off without washing the bees out, I am very lucky in one way that the bee shed allows me to do any form of hive instection at any time or in any weather, the down side is that i am severely restricted with what i can do manipulations wise
I work from home, (I really do work) only going to the office for meetings. Almost every phone call I get from colleagues in the office when I am at home starts with something like "Are you on the allotment then?" or "Are you working or beekeeping?".
I'm honest about working during normal office hours, but at lunch time and after 5:30, I probably am at the allotment or doing something beekeeping related. I normally inspect at the weekend, but if I miss it, I have lunch times through the working week. :)
Only down side is I dont like my job very much atm :(