5 gallon cyder reward

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Nov 24, 2008
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Gloucestershire uk
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Well we have just finished feeding all the nucs candy, don?t need to look at um again till after I return from Australia in Feb.
We covered any that showed signs of condensation or the rain getting in.
Tomorrow the boys start cutting 60 boxes of fondant in half, ready to put on all the big Nationals on Monday 15.
Got the ruddy Land Rover bogged down in the field last night 3 hours wasted digging it out phoned the misses to pick us up she phoned the farmer who came there and then and towed us out sweet as a nut SMORNING the muck was on top of the axels. never got back till late cost me a bomb in overtime.
Called in to thank him and dropped off 5 gallons Cyder perry
All the best mike
Glad to here you got it all sorted mike.
I took the family xmas shopping today and noticed that I had a good covering of mud on the freelander from a weekend visit to the hives.

What do you feed them with Bako fondant ? I have a dozen boxes still stored just incase I need it.

Whats the cyder Perry all about ? not had that for years.
I like the story Mike.

Are you giving all the hives fondant, whether you think they need it or not?
Cider is made from Apples

Perry is made from Pears. . . . . :toetap05:

cyder perry is therefore possibly cider made from pears :dupe:

the latest marketing ploy is calling Perry - Pear Cider. I suppose it keeps the numpties happy as they wouldn't know what they were drinking if it was just called Perry.

The English language is degenerating into a mush :beatdeadhorse5:

Babycham to us then ?

I never had you down as a Babycham drinker Mike :laughing-smiley-014