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    Honey for sale

    Hi All I have surplus of Honey for sale approx 130lbs in tubs, £2.25 a lb inc tub. Any interested party please ring me 07855746195. I'm in Leicester. best regards Mik
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    Wear White Only

    Hello Hi Spanner Liked your FB post about the course and death by power point bin there myself know what your saying. My suits white going on to brown must wash it
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    High winds and near disaster

    Went to the apiary today to do an oxalic acid treatment. I was confronted with a fallen tree over 40ft high that had come down thankfully between two rows of hives, the outer branches were touching the hives and had dislodged one super with insulation in it and a roof, bees ok lucky escape...
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    Anyone else find it difficalt to disolve the Oxalic Dihydrate powder in the syrup mix or in water before adding suger. always have powder in the bottom of the jar.
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    2012 course prices

    Courses Leicester & Rutland Beekeeping ass' Courses open to members no additional cost 12week theory plus 18 week practical all included in the years membership.
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    Queen cell raiser box for sale

    There is still the Auction site
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    lipbalm moisturiser

    here you are http://www.beekeepingforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=9168
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    Cyprus Queens?

    Traders list I know when I was looking for Nortons address it was frustrating and annoying that could not find it. Could we not have a list with address's contact Nos Email but with no direct links. you want a web address copy it down and then mail or log on off site, no adverts just a list. A...
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    electric extractor wanted

    extractor on ebay worth a look if only to see what it gos for http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Universal-Electric-Honey-Extractor-6-Frames-/280735655283?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Bee_Keeping&hash=item415d262573
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    Message for Hivemaker

    Hi Hivemaker Mark has infomed me you may have a phone No and Email address for Norton. if you have could you please contact me so I can contact Rodger. Many thanks Best Regards Mik
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    Technique Thinking of getting a blower for next year, got to be easyer. What is your way of doing it ?.. stand on end and blow. blow um down on to the ground. etc thanks for input Mik
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    Diy hive plans

    If you use ply and I do, get it cut 10mm smaller for the two outer panels and then glue 5mm edging strips on useing Cascamite glue, it will stop the weather getting in. the two inner panels are covered by the frame rail top and the chamfered bottom rail so do not need lipping.
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    AFB in Leicestershire

    Yes noticed your post after i had posted. Tripley confused.
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    AFB in Leicestershire

    Been inform by L&RBKA that there is an out break in the county. it's in the 10km sq sk51/61 to the east of Loughborough. more info can be obtained from Dave Bonner at beebase hes requested assitance from those in the infected area so he can do insepection asap. sorry cannot up load the map.
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    lawn mower repairs

    know any one getting rid of an old piano