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Thank you all for your contributions. I’ve learned a lot since my original post. Thanks so much for that! And finally we found the “Young” hive. Thanks to Warsaw hive.👍 I’ve also gotten some info from a colleague in Norway. Let me share it with you. You probably won’t understand the writing. But it says the same as warzaw hive. Enjoy!😁👊
I'm not sure how literally we can take those diagrams, the scale of the hive stand seems way off, but going by them the super and roof design of the Young hive is different to the typical Warsaw hive. In the Warsaw the cavity for the super box only comes about half way up the box. This cavity is only a couple of mm wider than the box. The rest of the super occupies the roof attic space.

Whereas it appears in the Young hive the cavity is deep so the super sits totally in the hive outer structure. To make the super's hand holds accessible, the cavity is wider. So my previous comment may have been incorrect, in your hive the super frames probably were the same narrow width as the brood box.

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