Wouldnt mind one of these observation hives

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nice one veg
thanx for finding that.
and yes id like 1:cheers2:
LOL the size of it. Four langstroth brood frames?

Not being funny but have you considered the heat loss?

would that be an issue in doors ph? especially a heated room
I think it might be yess. I found keeping one on two langstroth broods and a super frame difficult, and that was with insulated panels.

Bear in mind that the natural shape is spherical after all and it will be a small colony.

Conversely if it were a success over four frames then there is the issue of manipulating it.

i like the idea, and the way he tells you how to look after it, one thing that bothers me, he says that you can remove it from the wall to 'service 'it, im 29 years young, and i would not look forward to taking that off the wall when is full of honey, the weight would be too much for joe blogs!.
But great idea, between the fish tank and that, i wont want a Tv.

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