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Hello, Would you like Varroa Resistant Honeybees?

I have found the answer and solution to help honeybees deal with the parasitic mite varroa and stop honeybees dying using a bio-dynamic natural phenomenon, without using chemicals or man-made product. It is a world exclusive!
I have been using this hypothesis for many years without any honeybee colonies dying out.
This makes all my honeybees, regardless of specie, varroa resistant.

During my research I have found Chemical companies, in the UK, have a stranglehold on beekeeping associations and honeybee science. So if a natural answer was found, like mine, it would never or could not be accepted.

It is controversial, political and topical but very important for mankind. What I have found allows honeybees to deal with varroa naturally, so I have very few mites or none at all.
Is that impossible? No, not at all, you just have to go back to beyond mankind, before we tried to domesticate honeybees and watch what they do, the logic is easy, and then common sense prevails.

I have kept honeybees for 30 years, up to 300 colonies, always looking outside the box always questioning, why?
Please remember I am not a Professional Scientist, I am just a passionate beekeeper that has used observation, time, experimentation and research, hence why it has taken so long.

20 years ago when the parasitic mite varroa hit our shores we, beekeepers, were told by the BBKA to use chemicals by Bayer, the same company that part funds the BBKA. (British Beekeepers Association).
At the beginning, for 2 years, I treated with these approved chemicals but each year I lost 30% of my queens, not the workers, just the queens, queen cells were made but as this was out of season, there were few or no drones for mating, so it could not be supercedure.

I complained to the BBKA and to Bayer, naturally I was told to go away as no-one else had complained, and prove it.......How could an individual do that?????

Most hobby beekeepers which the BBKA represent, only keep less than 10 hives so if they lost one or two, then that was acceptable, at that time I was running over a hundred so 30% was a huge loss.
I had no choice; I immediately stopped all treatment of chemicals and sugar, much to the disgust of fellow beekeepers, hoping that one day I would find a natural answer. After 20 years of individual heartache and research I have found that answer which is a world exclusive.

It is unfortunate that when I approach companies like the BBC, ITV or large organisation supporting honeybees (W I or Co-op) they refer to the BBKA, for advice, who are biased due to chemical funding, for some sort of ratification that I am bone-fide.
You must realise the BBKA, IBRA or DEFRA have their own financial agenda so are unwilling to be associated with me or my book, as a natural answer is allegedly NOT a top priority or acceptable to them, due to chemical infiltration of funding.
I hope I am making myself clear. I am a single beekeeper up against the might of the hierarchy of beekeeping and a chemical giant that has too much influence.

My book was the only way I could be heard, that is now selling around the world,
“An HOLISTIC Way in Saving the Honeybee”.
Available through Northern Bee Books www.groovycart.co.uk/beebooks or Amazon.
I am at present re-writing the above due to the original book being written 5 years ago, the new E-book, with further information, will be called “How to create a Varroa Resistant Honeybee”.

I hope you can now see how difficult it is to tell mainstream public that an answer is available without using chemicals.
When the rest of the beekeeping world catches up with my hypothesis, I may well be just a memory, but my hypothesis will become normal practice in 20 or 30 years time, if not before.
I do not mean to be a threat to anyone; pioneers happen unexpectedly, I am just a passionate beekeeper that has found the answer to save honeybees worldwide.
Just ask yourself. Why are my bees not dying? Why is varroa no longer a problem in my hives? Why do my honeybees supercede rather than swarm? Why is my honey crop greater?
If I can help you in any way in saving your honeybees, by reducing varroa, increase your honey crop or if you would like my help to assist in any way, do not hesitate in contacting me.
My quest will never finish. All I want to do is help the honeybee and ask you to help me spread the word.
If you would like more free information, an updated summary of my book for publication on websites, newsletters or for TV or Radio production, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards

John Harding
The Clavies
38A Hungary Hill
West Midlands
England, UK
07974121472 or 01384 423557
[email protected]
Copy write 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Had a go at dowsing today and to my surprise found a line. Interestingly, and I have only become aware of this since arriving home, that a swarm two years ago clustered along that line where it meets the hedge. Intrigued John all the best!

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