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Apr 23, 2024
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Hello i am thinking of starting beekeeping. I am from Turkey. I already ordered a book about it and i am going to enroll to some courses.
Before i start beekeeping i have some questions that i couldn't find the answer myself, so i thought it would help to ask people with experience.

My questions are:

1. I read that American and Turkish bee hives produce 15-20kg honey per year. But European bee hives produce 25-60kg honey per year. Why do European bee hives produce way more than American or Turkish bee hives? Is it just the enviroment/climate or do they use modern methods that i can try to produce that much too?

2. Any advice on learning about beekeeping?
BBKA crops from their survey tend to suggest 15 - 20kg as the average.
Given a good location and some decent weather (very lacking this year so far) then one can expect 40kg and a sometimes lot more.
Last year was an exceptional one with a fantastic spring and imv a very mediocre /poor summer, despite this my main pair of production colonies gave a crop of 107kg & 64kg . Most of it was from the bumper spring coditions we had.
For larger crops one needs to manage the colonies well.
Why do European bee hives produce way more than American or Turkish bee hives
Yield is not related that significantly to the type of hive but depends mainly on colony management and hive location. However, a thermally efficient hive - such as the Abelo poly or the Turkish plastic Apimaye - will yield about 15% more honey; if a colony swarms then forget a crop; if the forage is good, expect over 50kg.

i can try to produce that much too?
In about 5 years, if you learn fast.

Any advice on learning about beekeeping?
Make mistakes for 5 years.

Best book: Haynes Bee Manual
Three good online sources:
Black Mountain Honey (Youtube)
Norfolk Honey Company (Youtube)
Dave Cushman A-Z of Beekeeping

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