When do you can bye local queens in UK

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Nov 8, 2008
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Finland, Helsinki
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It is almost normal that during swarming time it is need of queens.

I do not like swarming bees but I put those in nucs to mate that I have a laying queen to put into the hive or in false swarming cases. So I can keep on laying for main yield.

Here it is difficult to get laying queens on free markets in summer for sudden needs. There are order list and if I now order at once, perhaps queen breeder promise to send me queen in middle of July. When it really arrives, it is not sure at all.

But in UK it seems that when you have swarm, you have lots ow swarm queens, - somewhere.

When we are on forum, could you deliver extra queens - what ever quality - to help each other.

Swarming queens are such that I do not want them over winter, but for short need for this summer they are OK, They will not swarm. Later I replace it with a better queen.

Now I am not even sure what is a good hive and what I use as mother queen.


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