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Jun 26, 2021
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Sorry, newbee question coming up!
White swarmy queen (3rd time this year) decided make qcs again which I found on Sundays inspection. Right that’s it! Ordered a queen which arrives today. But I’m now considering that if they have decided to go will they try even after retiring the white queen and introduction which I was planning to do this afternoon? Would it be better to make a nuc up and introduce queen to that and leave white queen in main hive with reduced brood? Not sure what to do now and new queen in postman’s hand as I write. Help! Thanks.
Thanks both. I’ll go for the direct intro I think. I’m assuming there’s going to be new qcs in there which I’ll knock down. Keep the tab closed for a day. Attendants in or out? Then release on Saturday. Fingers crossed!
If doing a direct Q swap like for like ( as in both mated) don't mess with cages , simply dunk her in honey head to foot and plop her on the tops bars . By the time they have cleaned her up they wil have accepted her.
Also fascinating to watch if you have a spare 10 -15 mins.

If the colony are set on swarming then one may not prevent it, an A/S may be better until they settle down then a unite if not wanting the extra colony.

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