Whats the worst tasting honey?

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I realise its a matter of taste and everyone is different but I hate the taste of Horse chesnut honey,I much prefer the lighter tasing ones.

Whats you favorite and least liked honey?

Or should the question be do you like honey? because I have spoken to a few beekeepers who do not even like the taste of any honey.

I tasted horse chestnut honey at the bee market and it was horrible and bitter, yuk! :eek:
Was it french ?
They tend to put a few drops of lavender oil in their lavender honey.

- I was given a small jar of lavender honey but it came from a local small scale French beekeeper, and it is lovely, only a mere hint of lavender ... someone else gave me some greek thyme honey which had clearly been heat treated and tasted like aniseed - euchhh!
Can't beat cold pressed honey even if it does granulate....