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Ony 99.9% though. Should I worry about the 0.1%? Might it include melisococcus plutonius? I'm ready to lie awake at night with worry.
More likely referenced to be Cryptosporidium - a nasty organism that breeds in the intestines to give chronic diarrhea. There is no disinfectant that kills it, not even strong chlorine so Cillit Bang will be completely ineffective. Only strong UV light or ozone has any affect. The oocysts can live for months until they find a host. It is often found in polluted water supplies (and sometimes poorly operated swimming pools).

A certain domestic bleach product used to claim "Kills all known germs dead!", until it was pointed out to them that it is ineffective against crypto!
The "bleach " based cleaners need 10 to 60 minutes.
SH degrades with age,light and heat,so only use a fresh bottle and use cold water.
Long term exposure can damage/erode/harden some surfaces so rinsing is strongly advisable.
The food/paediatric industry have modified products to counter this.
I've taken the supers, sterilised the poly box with Cilit Bang, boiling the frames, and burying the wax and the be
Hives are wood, so would flaming them be good enough? I suppose can burn the wax and bees rather than digging a hole?
Boxes can be scorched and safe to use. Apparently most people are a bit light handed with the torch, just be thorough. Digging a hole and burning the wax might be better than just burying them.

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