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Aug 14, 2009
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hi just bought national hive all set up in garden new can you tell me the best option for me to start thanks ian
Enroll in your nearest bee club and they will sort you out.

Good luck.

the best option for me to start

Well now!

Does that mean: how do I start NOW, today, with bees?

Or, WHEN is the best time to start.

Or, when is the best time to start with bees?

Have you any knowledge of beekeeping - been on a course? I think not, as the question would probably not arise if you had.

Attend a course for beginners. Action as Onge advised.

First option: At his time of year, buy a colony. Would probably be in a hive already (as part of the purchase). Risk losing it over the winter. Risk may be high, unless local help and advice is sought/available (probably isn't or you wouldn't be posting the question here).

Second option: attend a course so as to be ready to buy in a colony or a nucleus in the spring/early summer or take up the offer of a swarm (more risky option due to unknown health, temperament, etc of the bees). You could simply hope to get a swarm encamp in your hive - there are ways to improve the chances.

Third option is answered above.

Go to all bee club events that you can. You sound as though you need more help than we can hope to give you just on-line. Read some good modern beekeeping books (as well as some of the older ones).

Some things you will need - some protective clothing (veil, gloves, beesuit?), hive tool, smoker (or chemical option), quite possibly insurance, and a lot of luck (by the sounds of your post).

Have you considered whether the hive placement is appropriate?

Do you, any of your family, or near neighbours suffer adversely if stung?

OK, reply from Onge was more than enough.

Sorry but for any useful help, other than that, we need far more details than the scant information in your post.

Regards, RAB
Also try a bit of reading. "Bees at the bottom of the garden" by Alan Campion is a very readable introduction. At the same time join local association as advised above. Whatever you do don't get any bees this year. It would be a bit like buying a tortoise in December. It might be alive in the Spring but...
MY advice is;
1 Leave the bees alone. Its rubbish to look every 10 days
2 don’t disturb the brood frames. It’s too late in year for swarms.
3 don’t go looking for the Queen. NO need to, you will cause stress the queen will get balled and you can trap her between the wax
4 learn how to handle the bees. “bad handling is a hive killer”
5 FEED Feed feed and don’t open until spring if pollens going in your queen right!
6 Go to your association kill there queen and learn to handle there bees first.