what size brood chamber?

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May 5, 2009
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6 >12 - 14x12 + Nucs
i am looking too get a national as my first hive.
should i get a 14 x 12 brood chamber or stick with the standard?
will a bigger brood chamber in he summer give a bigger colony going into winter?

thanks all

P.S this forum is fantastic source of information just reading old posts has answered many of my stupid questions!
There are no stupid questions! Have fun ask away.

I think if you are a beginner it is best to start with standard size brood box, as it is more common and if you get in a pickle, need a frame of eggs or a frame of newly emerging bees to help your colony... then greater odds someone else will be able to help as standard size is more common so you can do each other favours and swap.
Hi beeboybee,
I'm biased as I use 14x12s,in an emergency you can insert a standard frame if need demands, all that will happen is that the bees will draw comb (usually drone comb in the summer months ) to the depth of the surrounding frames.
Your choice of hives will depend on the bees you use, some of the modern strains quickly fill a standard brood box leaving you the option of adding another brood box or super, meaning you have to examine 22 insead of 11 frames :(. Having said that, some people find double brood boxes an advantage as a tool for swarm control:).
I have no doubt this Question will provoke much advice ( differing advice but none the less valid).
Which ever hive you choose is up to you and at the end of the day you can use either size as honey supers (the first super anyway) if your a big lad and can lift a 14x12 full of honey :svengo:.


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