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Nov 1, 2012
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Hi there. I was gifted a wax seal but my attempts to use it with pure beeswax did not end well. I assume I need to add something to it but the only suggestion I found online was fabric glue. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to add (or perhaps technique)?

Many thanks.
I remember my parents having a sealing wax stick when I was I kid (no idea why - think it was historical even then), it melted to produce dark red, very glossy, very hard, brittle, "wax". Most unlike beeswax.
I still have the remains of one. No idea where it came from. My paternal grandparents, perhaps, though I have no idea what use they'd have had for it either.

When I started in C&E every office had loads of sealing wax sticks dotted around - we had only just transitioned on from the days when every boarding officer carried an official crown seal matrix on a chain, a candle, piece of shiny cardboard and some string as every ship's bond had to be sealed on arrival we then seled them with a piece of string orwire and lead 'plomb' disk secured and embossed with a plombing iron. Nowadays bonds etc. are sealed with a serial numbered plastic cable tie so just in my career (a word in the dictionary meaning to move swiftly in an unconntrolled way) I can remember, string and wax seals, string and lead seals, wire and lead seals then plastic cable ties.
every ship's bond had to have tamper proof staples affixed to the door and door jamb to fix all of these (or drilled holes) although many foreign countries had, for decades just used (and still do) the same simple but effective system of a large paper seal glued across door and jamb. Skippers of vessels who had seldom (or never) traded in the UK before used to get really miffed when we insisted on drilling holes in their nice doors before we would allow them free pratique.