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Apr 21, 2010
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Any ideas on the best way to deal with wax moth lavae in a hive full of bees. I found at least 4/5 last Sat! They were on/in several frames and, having removed one 'holey' frame found one tiny one in the gap between the bottom two bars of the frame.:mad:
Make sure that your colony is very strong (combine with another if you have one?) and then they will keep on top of the wax moth.

I'm afraid that your profile doesn't state how many colonies that you have.
If you have a vorra floor in your hive keep it cleaner and kill the ones you see works for me.
But i dont get that meany only from time to time
If the wax moth activity is on a stores frame (ie NO brood) remove, freezer for 24 hours, warm up again and return to hive.

If they are in the brood frames a full strength colony is the only solution.

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