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Jul 28, 2008
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I was thinking of making some frames up for next year,Am I safe to leave them around unbagged regards Wax moth and the time of year?
I am in the same situation.

I have 5 packs of 10 new foundation, ready to make up 50 new deep national frames.

Surely un made foundation is not thick enought for the wax moth to dig into?
It is better to make them up nearer to the time needed.Wax moths though will not usually do much harm to foundation,they cannot live on this alone,they like combs,especially one's that have had brood in,they eat the cacoons ect,new combs rarely are harmed much.Foundation will stay much freshar if left in the pack until needed,keeps aroma.
I am sure that foundation would not be touched by the wax moth, most of my foundation made up last year but not used is stacked up in brood boxes and supers outside under shelter, another reason why i am hoping for a decent and prolonged cold spell.

I think hivemaker is right with regard to leaving frames unmade untill really needed, as hard as it is, ive also struggled and been looking at mine to try and quash the boredom.
Hope it is hanging vertically. I left some foundation in frames on their sides and they went banana shaped. It was not good.
Those ones are, but i do have some in some plastic containers which arent, better check those now you have said that.

i got too excited over summer and made up too much.....
I left some frames in the car during the summer and the wax ended up looking like a corner piece of a Scalextric set

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