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Mar 21, 2009
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Hi all,
A mate of mine has asked me can I remove a wasps net for him I am a bit dubious about this as I have never done this before, am I right in assuming you smoke them out and remove the nest? The nest is behind an air vent on a second flour so it is only safely assessable from the room and not from the outside.
Has anyone got any advice on this? :svengo:
not sure they would leave a nest that easy, I would hate to deal with angry wasps in a sealed room, I would kill em first (I am doing some at home right now) then deal with the left overs
I had one in the shed. I waited till late evening, sprayed with wasp-killer-spray, left them 20 mins then sprayed the nest with some wasps-nest-killer spray: sorry, I can't remember the proper name, but was bought from local Garden Centre. It kind of melted the nest. Haven't had any back to the garage since.
I always use the white powder, puff it generously in the entrance - they walk it in on their big size 9's and the whole lot dead the next morning. I'm told they never nest in the same place twice - I've witnessed that fact although however much I plug up the ornamental soffit, they still seem to find a new entrance each year about 2 ft from the previous !

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