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Aug 8, 2023
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I am now in my second full year with my bees, it certainly has been a roller coaster ride. Last year i split my hive in early April as my single hive had exploded with bees, just not enough room. One of the new hatched queens flew off on her mating flight just when we had nearly 3 weeks of very cold miserable weather - never came back. This year missed a swarm, however new mated queen returned and the Hive has done exceptionally well. Purchased a new queen as feel very vulnerable with only one Hive, new hive was building well until couple of weeks ago when i spotted a number of wasps around the hive. Tool a look inside and just about all the stores had vanished, closed up the hive and added some fondant left over from spring to keep them going until i had read through a number of threads on this forum (great help!). Decided to move the hive to a friends farm about 4miles away, added a half filled super from my productive hive as well as a good feed of syrup. All seems to have calmed down at the moment, My productive hive has no issues with defending their hive, very strong. That's it for now, again thanks for all the info and advice.
Hi Sam...welcome. Great that you found the right advice for your bees
Look up tunnel entrance in case your second hive has more problems. There are a lot of wasps about in places
it's here INDEX of STICKIES

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