Wasps……. and Queen Cells - really??

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Jan 8, 2020
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Bracklesham Bay, West Sussex
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It's a fairly fluid thing.... more than 10, less than 15
Just returned from two week holiday doing the NC500 and checked on all the hives.
One of the out apiary hives has been hammered by wasps. This was the hive that had CBPV in August and were requeening.
There is only two frames with small patches of BIAS (couldn’t see the queen) but has a lot of wasps in it and very few stores. Not sure if I should try to unite in case of lingering CBPV? BIAS looks insufficient to get them through winter so should I pop them in a nuc and maybe move away from location?
Home apiary looks good - fed all three hives but small nuc I’ve been trying to requeen all summer has a sealed QC which I clearly missed on inspection on 10th September!
Weather next week looks good (temps upto 19 degrees allegedly!) but not sure if enough/any drones still about. Leave them to get on with it or unite?