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Nov 9, 2008
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Been looking through the search facility at "Uniting" without success, the one colony i have with the elusive virgin, i want to unite with a queenless colony i split from them back in april.

The colony with the virgin in has two supers on top, now do i place the queenless colony i wish to unite, on top of the supers with newspaper between, or take off the supers and put one brood on top of the other, leaving the supers off.

Asking as i would like to get it right.

Oh, slight twist to this one, the colony with the virgin is in a jumbo Lang, and the queenless colony is in a std, i would like to get all the bees into the Std brood box.
Cut a piece of board, say plywood to cover the larger unit and in that cut a hole so that the bees can get through. Keep it handy as likely you will need it again.

I would put your queenless lot above as you don't want your virgin to lose any chance of mating.

Two sheets of newspaper with a few holes pricked by the corner of the hive tool and thats it.

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so queenless brood, above the supers ?
On top of the supers it is then, will do that early tomorrow.
When they have merged i will then place the std brood on top of the jumbo, use the board as per Poly h mentioned.

Poly, what is the significance of a board with a hole in, i guess i could use a crown board between the two. Would like to know ?

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