uniting, extraction and preparing for winter

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Nov 4, 2009
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Devon/South Hams
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What a great year, have gone from no bees to three and a half colonies in 2.5 months. Thank heavens for the classes from local association.

I say half a colony, as I did an A/S on 25/7/10, as they had made many queen cells. On 8/8/10 the QC had hatched. On 15 th the hive was virtually broodless, and I could not see any eggs ( not good at spotting them though), but still time for a virgin to come into lay ( I hope that is right). If she does come into lay I intend to kill off the old queen and unite the small nuc. As I say the parent colony is now broodless, but still strong.

One of my colonies is weaker than this one ( the third is about as strong as the parent was). Should I unite the nuc with this colony, or in view of the broodless state at last inspection of the parent colony, at least add some brood to that. This all assumes a new queen does successfully come into lay - the colony are behaving as if they have a queen

To winter. I plan to extract this Sunday. 1 super on each strong colony. Have only just taken delivery of borrowed extractor, but I am concerned as time is getting on and East Anglia has been chilly for the last couple of weeks, and I want to use Apiguard. ( Hope to have united by then).

Can I feed during Apiguard treatment? Or do I leave feeding to see how much stores they build up - still gently foraging. Have read latest posts about the balance of feeding. However is there a cut off point, as to the latest date to be feeding by?

Plan to overwinter on National BB's only. Supers under the BB to clean them up before storing, or over BB, QE and open CB??

Sorry so many questions, but want a clear plan in my head. The bees might not follow it, but it will help me!


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