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This site used to use a Facebook Pixel to track you.

Bear in mind this is a free site, AND the prigrammers buy in tools to build websites without necessarily knowing everything they do.
Use Duck duck go as your search engine. Open this site through it and any trackers are blocked.

The Mrs and I were out in the car the other day. I mentioned (jokingly) that I was thinking about becoming a hgv driver upon my retirement from my current job. We were listening to music through my phone from amazon music as we drove along. "Mysteriously" the next time I opened the amazon shopping app (the next day) I had new recommendations.... teach your self to drive a hgv was first and foremost.... mere coincidence? I dont think so.
Big brother monitoring my every thought doesn't bother me but when the grandchildren have been on my phone I get besieged with deals on dinasoaur toys and minecraft because they've screwed up my algorithm.

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