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Jun 10, 2016
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The Octopus "Tracker tarrif" is gaining a lot of interest on hotdeals. www.hotukdeals.com/deals/beat-the-energy-price-cap-with-a-tracker-tariff-at-octopus-energy-4078767
Additionally, there are several threads on the Martin Lewis energy forum re: the Octopus Tracker. It's well worth looking into the 'details fully' to see if it could be good for you.

Today, I'm paying today for eletricity 23.84 kWh - gas 6.73p/kWh. Not inc standing charge.
Rates follow the wholesale price of energy, which could go up or down daily.

If you decide to join Octopus, via my link bellow. You'll be credited with £50.00 and I'll get £50.00 too. share.octopus.energy/pink-shell-534
If you do join Octopus, you'll get your own £50.00 referral link. There are no exit fees, if you wish to leave.

If you do decided to join. You may need to join go on flexible tariff and once your switch is complete call/email/tweet and ask to be moved to the Tracker.
If you do join via my link a big thank you.
An update from the Martin Lewis Website re: Tracker Tarrif.
If you get a moment, please check out the link below to learn more about the Tracker Tarrif.

If you'd like to join Octopus (they've other tarrifs including Standard and Agile). Please consider using my £50 joining code above.
If you've recently joined Octopus, but not used a referral link. It can be added afterwards.

Today, I'm paying elec 19.21p/kWh 41.03p/day standing charge. Gas 4.41p/kWh 26.84p/day standing charge. Prices change daily.

Can you give a typical winter unit cost for the tracker tafiff ?

Forget the above as I have found octpus historical tracker prices online, now wait to see if I'm successfyl in being accepted for the tracker tariff.
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A big thank you Hemo, if you do join.

If you're not already with Octopus, you'll first need to switch to its standard tariff. You can then join the Octopus Tracker waiting list.
To join Tracker. You will need a smart meter or be willing to get one.
Tracker Tariff is reopening on Saturday 1 July.

I joined the Tracker Tarrif last year and I've consistantly paid lower prices. It's saved me a considerable amount.
My switch is all but done , Octopus tell me it will be all sorted tomorrow within 48hrs. Shell who I was with have already acknowledged my leaving.

The tracker Tariff I have already applied for whether or not I'm one of the 50k to be accepted I will have to wait and see.

I have a smets 1 meter but not 100% sure if it will play with Octopus , the industry claim that tech should mean more older smets 1's should be come compatible saving the waste in costs and upgrades.
Now on the tracker rate which will take effect on the 7th , though will be back dated to start today.
The switch from Shell was very fast and efficient , excellent service from Octopus.
For those thinking of switching then the process was really excellent , another waiting list for the tracker rate should be available end of this month.

I applied to switch on Monday, Tuesday both Shell and Octopus emailed to say the process was well in hand and Wednesday I applied for the tracker tariff.

My old SSE Smets 1 meter it seems is ok and Octopus say it is working.
Hemo, thank you for the update. Good to hear it's all going smoothly.
Octopus Energy has been a Which Magazine recommended provider for six years in a row.
Sadly I don't take much credance in that which recommends, I prefer my own research.

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