Tonights inspection.

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Jul 9, 2010
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Longsight, Manchester, UK
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None, although I have my eye on one ( Just don't tell Dusty ;) )
A beautiful evening for it. We met at 6.30pm, the weather was lovely, not too hot, still, but warm. After the upset of the wasps attacking, I was a bit worried about what we would find when we opened up. My mentor told me to get on with it :) Which I did. I took off the roof, to find they had drawn out lots more frames, stored in most of them, capped a good deal of it, there was even some brood in the middle frames :)
The brood box was the same, frames filled out, plenty of stores, nice grubs, capped was wonderful :p I expected to find carnage, I found a beautifully growing, bursting colony.

We put the OMF on today, as the weather at the last meeting was terrible, so it was a quick check, then close up. The proper block was brought down so the wasps don't have a chance. They never did. We found one dead on the floor of the hive. They seem to have done a good job of keeping the floor clean too which is good news again. One wasp trying it's luck while we were inspecting. I kept pointing it out, I think my mentor got a bit fed up of me after about 10 " There it is! " 's :D Overall, an excellent result. A very happy colony, a very happy carer of a colony ;)

The good news. I have been told I can now inspect alone ( well, I decided I would never do it alone as such, someone will be with me always ) but without my mentor. He asked me to get used to inspecting the super at first, as there is brood in there, and it's like what I want to see on a small scale. I told him I understand thet her madj could be up there, and to hold the frames upright and over the hive. I have told the other guy too. I've started hive notes, and told the others I insist on them filling one in if they open up. Even if they don't do anything, I still want it noted that they have been disturbed.

In all, a very good day. We will be having a look next week, for the first time alone. I can't wait :) I am a bee keeper. I am head bee keeper lol, who'd have thought it :p
Well done Kaz - I want to say I'm proud of you, but that sounds a bit odd considering we've never met...but well done that girl!! Glad the girls were happy, hopefully your worries will ease a little now :seeya:
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Thanks Queens. I am proud if me, so i don't mind you being so too :D After all that fuss eh? I need to learn to just chill a bit and trust the bees, they don't need me, they are not pets, they are not like a dog, who would rely on me for feeding etc. They just need a little helping along sometimes :D Lesson learned.....check ;) lol
Well done indeed Kaz - sounds like your fears are receding nicely and you'll soon be "bee-bearding"

Dont go for the beard its not a good look lol. As Queens said you should be proud of yourself. Reading your progress should inspire everyone to overcome a fear (and has been very witty too).

Keep up the good work and the posts!
Well done Kaz
Inspecting on your own will give you confidence.
Good to hear this Kaz. If it helps, I have a suggestion or two for that next "Eeek, what do I do now?" moment, taken directly from my beekeeper's toolbox.

  1. Measure twice, cut once
  2. The bees won't mind if you have a cup of tea
Thanks Moggs, good advice. I think we should stop and have a plan before we dive in. I am going to suggest a few ground rules, see how the other feel :)

Thanks for the suggestion Monsieur...I think I'll pass :D As juststarting says, not a good look. Maybe one for the blokes among us ;)
News update, beep beeeeep beep beeeep ( that's my weak impression of an old telephone exchange :D )

The head of the school has arranged for the wasps to be removed :D The poor caretaker has to deal with it lol, I'll lend him a suit if he likes ;)

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