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Jul 28, 2008
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Hampshire uk
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I lifted the lids on my bees today to check if any had munched on the fondant I gave them during the OA treatment at xmas.

Most hives had bees flying at around 7c.
Checked the thermometer when I arrived home and its reading 1.1c
That would explain why my hands were so cold on the drive home then:(

Its cold out there!!
Aye. seems to have cooled a bit. Catches you by surprise. My feet are like ice
Its turning again, i have to drive to Cardiff in the morning, and there is apparently a weather warning for South Wales and the South, someone even mentioned the possibility of snow.
Hi Grizzly

its raining hard here in Cardiff at 2.30am just poped outside to check temp its 3c Local weather said if it snows it will only be up the valleys

Have a nice time in gods land ;-)

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