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Feb 8, 2011
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Jersey, Channel Islands
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Our Association is trying to move away from a paper/manual system of registering entries for our annual honey show. I wondered if anyone had any tips or pointers as to systems where people register their entries online etc and the system does alot of the collating for you; no. of entries, who etc in each class.
Suffolk BKA have used an online entry system for a few years - friendly bunch & if you dropped them an email they’d give you a few pointers I’m sure.
One thing I would say is there will always be those who favour a paper entry or just turn up on the day - shows I feel should be as inclusive as possible so a pain they may be but I wouldn’t exclude in favour of a system . Also you’ll have those who with best intentions enter everything & only turn up with excuses. Both of these examples will test any system put in place.
A good olde back of a fag packet, pencil and an eye for detail takes a lot of beating

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