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My sugar mixer.
I got the method from this beekeeping forum.

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how that led to the assumption that the bees had enough stores...which they didn't because I hefted the hive before looking in at the feeder.

Oh dear, Susie, not only forgetful/mistaken/etc, but also assuming and hefting with feed on.

How many times do I write on the forum 'don't assume'? And shirley syrup feed would weigh rather more than the processed syrup in cells! Simple observations like hefting need to be carried out as an appropriate measurement?

But, never mind, you should have learned quite a bit from the thread.
I've learnt quite a bit from this thread....for sure. Don't heft with a feeder full of syrup, how to make syrup without weighing etc after the first time...that is to get the level of sugar. How to a stop syrup crystallising. Remembering to check why syrup is not being taken down. Lots to always. Also, being confident in my own assessment of stores in the hive.....and not always following the forage can vary enormously depending what forage is available in different areas. We have had nothing much for the bees since early July until the HB came into flower a few weeks ago....nothing from the ivy yet. So my new colonies would have starved this year if I hadn't fed them...and they are going to need enough stored for the winter. So that is why they are being fed. I am happy to risk having left over stores in the spring....I can always remove them and feed back as necessary. Also, another thing about the national hive is that it is a bit small for some of my they are on double brood. My Long Hives can store as much as they need as space isn't a problem.
Thank you all for contributing to this thread.