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Aug 22, 2010
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A week ago we had a call out to retrieve a large prime swarm. We housed it in a six frame nuc, and closed the entrance disc so that the bees can come and go but the queen can't get out. It is is an out apiary. We fed after 3 days. However, it would appear that they are still trying to swarm every day, flying out of the nuc and then spending ages queueing up to get back into the nuc with the queen. Any suggestions on how to get them to settle and want to stay. I thought perhaps if we went along early in the morning and moved then into a full size hive and inserted a frame of uncapped brood from another colony they might decide to stay put. Obviously we would put a queen includer underneath the brood box until things had settled. Do you think this idea might work, and if not have you any other suggestions? Also what is the best way to keep a frame of open brood warm whilst transporting it from one aapairy site to anothert?
If it’s a large prime swarm as you say then a nuc box is probably not large enough for them. Swarms have be known to abandon boxes that aren’t large enough. If it’s a short trip the frame will be fine. I think your idea is good you can do no more!
Give them a bigger box and put a frame of brood in it. They will hopefully stay then.
Give them a box, if that doesn't work requeen.
How long with the frame of brood be in-between hives?
I have used a house-brick in a nuc - put the brick in boiling water for a few minutes so it heats up. You then have a (damp) heat-store within the nuc where the frame of brood will be.

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