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Jul 28, 2008
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Do we need a smallholder section?

I think a few of us have chickens etc.
Yes great idea.

Chickens, pigs, vegetables, shooting and hunting etc
OOO yes yes yes!!!!

Would gardening come under that too??
Gardening would be one.

Also I might sugest Landrovers could also come under it?:rolleyes:
Well I do drive a landrover :eek:
Livestock,tractors,hunting ,fishing,shooting,crop science,trapping,skinning,taxidermy, but not landrovers,unless you allow toyota hi lux's. i used to have a v8 though,101 forward control rapid missile launcher, for bee hives.
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he he, you mention tractors, now I can talk all day, and if traction engines are allowed..... he he
One of my Apiarys is fenced off in a corner of a field,the rest of the field holds a big steam rally/clasic car show every year.

I love old steam engines,but have my hands full with Lawnmowers at the moment.

Regards traction engines you go for it Dave,I am sure they will be very popular threads.
I cleaned my laptop today and refuse to spit tea at it Hivemaker :drool5:

I don't own any, have some vintage cars and a machine dated C1879, but work on them and have friends who have large collections.


Dave go post a thread in off topic about your classic cars,then I can tell you what ones I have owned:)