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Jan 4, 2024
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I am based near Ledbury and for last 20 years been keeping 12 to 15 National hives and a couple of legacy WBCs.
Autumn 22 I lost 5 hives to EFB and over that winter lost remaining hives to a lack of winter bees produced in Autumn 22. This problem was widespread locally and resulted in tiny clusters of bees in Spring which in spite of plenty of food resulted in hive losses. So in Spring 23 had not a single live bee on our smallholding.
I bought a couple of overwintered Langstroths and with great difficulty managed to get bees to move into National brood boxes of which I had plenty.
Bought 2 more National colonies in Autumn 23 and hoping to re-establish this year.
Looking also at trying a Zest hive this year and as I have a fruit hydro press for pressing fruit on our smallholding would like to try this to press honey out of comb.
I hope to find out about members views and any experiences of Zest hives, moving bees from Langstroth frames into National and anyone tried a hydro press for extracting honey?

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