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Excellent- bookmarked!
Only thing I didnt do (besides general, beginners ineptitude) was put royal jelly in beforehand to bed the grub into. But I have seen demos where this wasn't done so will try once more without just to see if it works without.
I have read both for and against bothering to add royal jelly.
My understanding is if you leave a hive queenless for around 3 days the workers have plenty of jelly to feed the larvae.

Although I think from now on when I find queen cells in a hive rather than break them off and bin them I will extract the royal jelly for later use in grafting.
Waste of time Admin.

The bees will throw the jelly out so why give them the work ?

The job is simple one. Have queenless bees. Offer grafts. Harvest started or finished cells depending.

Why complicate matters.

Thanks PH,thats why I love the forum,it saves loads of time in doing practical stuff that some of the books say works best only to find its a waste of time.
It depends how it truly goes.

There are many cases that I made 20 grafts and got only 3-5 virgins. After mating I had not even those.

I have done second day another graft and it did not go better.

When you make it the more artificial system the more less you get results.

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