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Nov 9, 2018
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This is the first year I've placed partially filled supers under the brood boxes after the summer harvest. I'm sure they're empty of honey now. I removed the first one a couple of days ago but there were lots of bees in it. I quickly placed it above the brood box and placed a cloth sprayed with Bee-Quick on it. The bees went down in a few minutes. It was all a bit slower and messier than I had imagined. Any suggestions?
Okay, but I REALLY don't want the brood nest to move down into it.
They won't, at least not until the BB is full in spring, by which time you will have removed the super and put it on top.

Timing is all: wait until spring has sprung and bees are active, but not so active that the BB is rammed (you could always add a second BB if they're going for it).

One spring I forgot to remove a nadired super and by the time I got round to taking it out (mid-summer) every cell was filled with honey and capped.
Okay, but I REALLY don't want the brood nest to move down into it.
They are unlikely to move down into the nadired super with brood until spring has really sprung ... and even if they do, just let them get on with it ... would indicate that they don't have enugh brood space in the brood box and you probably need to consider double brood ... or if you are a masochist ... brood and a half.
It's December. Leave the bees alone!

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