Red letter day! (I hope...)

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May 15, 2022
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S.W. Northumberland
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Well temperatures and breeze were spot on today here. Bees massing at entrance with loads of yellow pollen (daffodil?) And some taking in water, so I decided to bite the bullet...
reconfigured hive by removing 5" eke below OMF (which I had filled with insulation earlier) placed OMF with inspection board above new insulated solid floor.
BB placed on OMF and has insulation wrapped around.
Removed old poly CB and 3" eke with feeder and fitted a QE then my first ever Super!!! - hence red letter day ;)
Topped that with new poly CB the flat roof with 2" kingspan insulation and strapped down.
Decided not to open the BB to inspect frames, all looked good from above and I didn't want to push my luck.
I know pride comes before a fall but after the roller coaster ride of my first year with a colony from a June swarm with a VQ I feel I have brought them through winter.
Looking forward to doing a split later and at some stage actually getting some honey...
Wish me luck
K ;)
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Plenty of flowers with us but rain hail sleet and snow ,won't even risk opening up until day and night time temperatures go up.
Not from the chart Ericbeaumont put up

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