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Jun 10, 2009
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Placed another hive in my back garden a month a go and used some brood from my original hive, a week later I knocked off the queen cells and placed a new queen in her cage next to the brood. The idea was to replace my original queen with this new queen and brood once she had started laying. A month on and I have two full frames of brood, on inspection though today I have a lot of dead bees on the hive floor and out side the front of this new hive. I suspect some robbing is taking place. On closer inspection My New queen has buried her head in to one of the cells and playing dead or appears to be. Could she have been killed by the robbers? Any way I have now placed this new hive on the site of the old hive and placed the supers from the main colony on top complete with Bees. Im hoping either way they will sort them selves out dead queen or not. I have plenty of worker bees in their and I am expecting them to accept the young bees from the new hive. Time will tell, I love experimenting and if I have a few mistakes along the way so what. The main hive is going to be moved to a new site and fed with some weak feed and then supered up. The bees are a touch grumpy hense the move.
I would:

Wait for better weather being condeming the temper issue.
Check again in 4/5 days for eggs.
if I have a few mistakes along the way so what

Nothing new there! Been there done that.

Might have been better to not let them mix immediately (fighting) but it may be OK at this time of the year (so I have read on the forum recently). I always dust everything with icing sugar or use newspaper for uniting.

Presumably you checked for eggs and fond none? What ages were the brood?

One thing is pretty certain - there would only be one queen by now! Mistake or no mistake.

Regards, RAB

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