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Nov 9, 2008
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Perhaps you guys could confirm or deny what i think i just saw, i am on the 1st floor of a large building, and looking out the window a second ago i saw what looked like two bees coupled together, they then broke away and i could of sworn 1 looked like a queen, i saw them again a few seconds later, again breaking away.

Could it be a queen mating ? or is it too early ? do i need to take some pills and have a sit down ?.
My thoughts exactly. What's more, a few pills and a sit down won't do you a lot of harm either. It will son be 5pm. Stressful job? :grouphug:

Could be a strain of bees in your neck of the woods are developing air-to-air refueling techniques to better get at the OSR.
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perhaps she could have been intercepted at low levels, he could have been a clever drone !!.
I remember someone else posting on here about Bee Fever, the simple fact i am on this forum desperate to talk about Bees while i should be working might be an indicator.
I should be a bloody Bee Farmer - must be the closest thing to heaven.
Last year I was going through my bees one afternoon when I had to look twice at a Nuc landing board,crawling up was a queen that had about one inch of white goo hanging out of her rear end,she crawled in to the nuc looking a little sore.
she crawled in to the nuc looking a little sore
Pity the poor drone with the surprised smile on his face - what price success?

There is no known cure for bee-fever Grizzly, you will be happy to hear! :party:

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