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Nov 9, 2008
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S.E. Cornwall
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Hi all,

Obviously there are a few types of QE's out there. Some more expensive than others.

In beekeeper's experiences, is there any difference in using different types?

Thank you.
I have only used the wire mesh one s and the flat pressed sheet, I only used the flat metal sheet ones now, the biggest problem with them is if you pull to quick on one end when you lift them they get abit dissorted but the super holds them flat when its on top. several peole i know have brought either mesh or flat plate and have made there own frames to help them along
No more replies?

I'm a beginner and I just want to find out what works best in peoples' experiences.
I converted over to the wire mesh ones. They are smother for the bees to get through + a larger open area than the sheet ones.

Not much else to say realy about queen excluders!
I have converted all my flat metal mesh to have a raised border and so preventing damage to bees. I am also going to try the new yellow plastic one from Thornes when the time is ripe, also with added DIY raised frame- will let you know
I have used cheap thin plastic ones. They are rubbish. They get proplysed and then, especially if you are on your own, it is a nightmare trying to get them off.

Also used the ones that are metal grids (Not the flat pressed ones). They were much easier to use.

The best ones are the ones that are in a wooden frame surrounding metal grid- get stuck on least easily and squash least bees- but cost more.

Just what I think.:cheers2:
Hmmm This plastic one was said to be a new type from Thornes- quite thick - I just thought may be less harmful to bees passing through - will let you know if it gets brittle or a b.....to clean....
I only got one to try -?5. But I do always put a solid frame around to give lift and stability.
Thanks people.

I have metal mesh ones at the moment, but didn't know if it was worth forking out more for the metal grid ones with the wooden border. Herzog is it.?
Yes it is. they are stronger, lasted longer for me and are as far as I am concerned the way to go. It's the old story, you get what you pay for. Saying that in a previous life in a very non propolis area the plastic ones were fine.