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Jul 4, 2010
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Eastbourne, UK
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I noticed queen cells in my hive this lunch time - I hadn't looked at the bees for nine days because the weather has been bad, blustery and raining off and on. This hive was a swarm on 24th May and I havn't seen the queen but can see that brood is developing and hatching. There is plenty of room in the brood box and plenty of supplies they have stored, but they have not really moved up into the super - only one frame with a little drawn out comb.

I have removed these queen cells, but now wondering if I did the right thing. Can a colony decide to supercede their queen (wow a bee revolution!)? It seems odd that they are making new queens (there were grubs in them) when the weather is bad so surely they are not thinking of swarming and there is plenty of room in the hive.
Anxiously waiting for advice! thanks Louise bee-smillie
Two or three cells, somewhere centrally on a frame rather than at the edge? Likely to be supercedure. I'd leave them if they try again.

Yes, as per the previous post, they are more likely superseding their old queen and not wanting to swarm.

Leave them to it.

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