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Jun 26, 2021
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Hi. Confused myself again.
I want to unite 2 colonies. I moved the colony I want to be Q+ next door to the other yesterday.
Went back this afternoon and both hives were very busy. Thinking there might be a lot of foragers out the hive if I united them then and there could be a lot of fighting, I left them alone to consult on this wonderful forum.
Combine in the late evening when they are all at home? or should I have done it yesterday when I moved the hive?
Q+ colony on top and no QX?
Unite at the first opportunity. I would put the Q+ colony on top as you have the luxury of having them already close together.
Do it whenever although early evening would be better - just do the preparations earlier. (newspaper in place held down with a QX) I always like to use a QX when uniting as it stops the queen wandering into the other colony's 'territory' until they are well united.
If you don't mind me asking, when you say you moved the colony next to the other one, where did they come from and if it was the same apiary are there any other hives and how far did you move them? Just a bit concerned you might have lost many of the flyers to other hives.
Cheers s
Hi Enrico. No, not the same apiary - about 3 miles away. No returnees that I could see but thanks for the concern.