Ok pics of my bees today

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Feb 18, 2010
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I have had a look and theres is grubs in there as well as the Queen.
Although i think she is not laying that well due to pepper pot cappings
but being new i may be wrong .
The last frame i looked at was just starting to be worked on but theres plenty of room on these frames so i can't see them moving up in a hurry.
Heres some pics but not of all the frames as trying to hold the frame and take a photo as well as being new :ack2:
looks reasonably good from the pictures although I take your point of holding the frame and camera is difficult, double check for egg patterns on next inspection if your unsure. The last picture would of been interesting to see if it was clear.
The second to last one is the bees on Drone cells the last one pollen
Re photos 3&4 the pepperpot looking brood pattern is caused by emerging bees and that's OK, by the way when you do an inspection do you ever shake the bees off the frame to get a better look at the brood patten:Has the queen laid eggs in the empty cells? A good queen will. :cheers2:
Hi bcrazy
It's only my third look, and i'm only just getting used to holding the frames with all these bees and shaking the frames is something i will have to build upto lol
Thanks for letting me know what the pepper pot look is.
as for the queen laying in the empty cells , i think i need my eyes testing as i could not see any eggs. :ack2:
The sun was not on my side , so a bit dim on light would that matter ?

Thanks mbc just the job :)
It will come with practice mate just so long as you know what is required then take your time and you'' find it all falls into place. (I hope).
just bought a loupe of ebay :)
that should help with finding them eggs :)
My loupe has arrived, after some mix up. Sent wrong one back , cheap rubish that they sent me and have now got a better one.
30x and 60x built into one unit with led. lovely little piece of kit.
So when the rain stops i can know go looking for them eggs :)

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