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nuc wanted

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wanted 1 Nuc of Welsh bees or british black

I have a Nuc of Bees for Sale (2010 Blue marked and laying queen on National - £75)
but don't know how you would get them to where you are unless you travel this way regularly?

If you are particular about getting a British or Welsh Black Bee then these may not be what you are looking for as these are mix of the latter and a last years Cypriot strain Queen (Golden) - healthy, prolific and friendly none-the-less.

I'm in no rush - so they are there if you want - PM me.


Hi Fronddeunant, thanks for the offer . I already have 1 hive of dark bees,but could do with another,In the area around me we are trying to to get beekeepers to keep dark bees only if you look on the web site Better black bees in Pendle it explains it thanks again for your offer
I think you will strugle to keep things pure,I know of a shipment of Italian crosses that contained at least 30 Nucs in May with a deposit on 20 more during June to the area.

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