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nuc wanted

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Apr 23, 2010
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hi there,

i am looking for a nuc to replace one of my collonies that i lost over winter can anybody help. i am based in northamptonshire.


Welome to the forum.

I see your average number of colonies is zero? Grammar may not be my strongest point but......you had 'colonies' and lost 'one' which you want to replace? Or did you lose them all and want to replace just one of them?

Tell us more and we may be able to help.

At the moment my advice is split one of the others, or make up a nuc from them after inducing supercedure cells.......if you still have some bees.

Are you a member of the Northhampton BKA, or another in the county? They may be able to advise.

Have you considered bait hives? Coming up for swarm season.

There are nuc/package suppliers on the net. May have to wait a while but it is an option.

Regards, RAB
i have another account on the forum under burch however i forgot my password and no longer have access to the email acocunt it was set up with.

i did hav2 hives however lost one over the winter. my other hive looks to be building up nicely i am currently considerring heavily feeding it to speed up the queens laying and then split the hive i have.

however i would prefer to obtain a new nucleus