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nuc wanted (Melipona or trigona spp) ?

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May 7, 2010
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I'm looking everywhere for any type of Melipona or trigona spp?
Where do you live......

Have you tried Brazil.
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I live in Ontario Canada Ive looked all over on the net and tried to contact people in NZ but never got any replies ... So I know thier from and are being farmed down there but who to contact that will ship them? Thanks
I emailed all of them but I never seen anything that showed that they can supply me with them but I gave it a shot anyways. thanks again and if you ever come across anymore info with a seller post it please ! Our summers are short here so timeing is important .I plan on keep them in a greenhouse for the winters but I'll need the bees first to keep anything anywhere lol :)
Ya I just got a email doesn't look like they can help so keep your eyes and ears open please and thank you !:)