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Mar 22, 2009
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Leicester, uk
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I made up a couple of Nucs a few weeks back, took a look today and there's a lot of bees in the nuc a good 5 frames and the new queen has started to lay only saw a small amount of eggs, so guess shes not long started, my question is there was a heck of a lot of stores in there I haven't fed them since I first made them up, they must be on the OSR, but how will the queen be able to lay if they have filled most of the space up with stores?

Do I leave them for a bit of transfer them to a full size hive?


The hive will surely swarm when the queen has no free space to lay.
Rape is dangerous place to beginner because nectar fills the hive in few days.
If the colony is small, rape field is not a clever place.
I agree BUT don't give them a whole brood box to heat.

Put 1 frame of foundation (or drawn comb if you have some) against a side wall, then the Nuc frames in the same order, another frame of foundation then a dummy board.
As the colony expands keep adding frames until you have a full box.
:cheers2: Mike