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Feb 13, 2009
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I have used this system, and have generated a dozen queen cells. Of the laid up cups, I must have randomly selected a couple that were laid towards the end of the queens entrapment, because these two are not fully sealed. Unfortunately, I didn't see this until I was putting them in the incubator- it was dark at the apiary, and I only glanced at the frame.

Is there anything that can be done with these two? Will the larva die if not capped over? Can I craft a wax covering somehow, maybe by dipping a finger into moulton wax and putting the thin shell over the queen cell.

I have to say, I am very impressed with this system. It was easy to use, and has been reasonably successful.
I would scrap them.

I have to ask though, why the incubator?

If you are dealing in hundreds then yes it is a help, if not, its a hinderence and another hurdle to over come.

KISS......Keep It Simple Silly

I am using the incubator because I cant have bees at home- the small yard at the back is just too close to neighbours etc. It enables me to have the cells to hand. i can put apideas in the cellar for 24 hours, drop the ripe cells into them and back into the cellar for 3 days without having to trek to an apiary each time. I use the shook swarm that I created to start the cells to make up mating nucs, which I couldnt do if the bees were finishing the cells, quite so easily.

It may be a hinderance, but, on paper at least, it is helpful to me. I suppose that it is like anything, you find something that works and run with it. I think that you are right, the best incubator is the bees themselves.