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May 23, 2010
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Hi,I'am very new to bees,have been on a 1 day course and have ordered Ted Hoopers book on bees.Plan to join my local bee group,but one of the first things I need to buy is a bee suit.On the course I wore a full suit with large wide brimmed hat ,but have seen available a fencing type suit.Is it just a matter of comfort or is one type better than the other.Thanks
you will get arguments for both types of suit. Just get the one you like. I would however recomend that as a beginner you get a full suit not just a jacket. As the added protection will give you more confidence.
I prefer the fencing type as the wide brimmed version can blow about in the wind
But I would also recommend wearing a baseball cap underneath to keep the veil from coming to close to your face whichever one you choose
With my cheapo classic style suit, I wear a peaked cap - but backwards, for protection on the balding patch and the back of my neck. The front on that one is good. The fencing style one (cheapo again) needs a hoop at the bottom of the veil to stop it blowing onto my face!

The couple (middle of the road quality) I have bought from Th*rnes have been OK in this respect but the hoop has worn the brim thin on the first one (might get it repaired sometime). Never yet been stung on the face through the veil - close at times, and will happen - but often through the fabric (on the arms in particular).

Regards, RAB
I think it is worth having protection that covers your legs as well as arms, but having bought an all in one suit, am now thinking of going for a two piece, i.e. buying a tunic and trousers, as the all in one is more of a pain to get on and off.
Thanks for advice,full suit sounds sensible for me,will find a local supplier who will let me try different styles.
Thanks for advice,full suit sounds sensible for me,will find a local supplier who will let me try different styles.

Go for the highest price you can...around £100 . i looked at both sheriff and BB wear at stonelegh and bought a BBwearr as they made it to my size with measuremnet over the phone at no extra cost....yes i am a funny shape, :conehead:

for a second suit for friends i bought a XL british one of ebay £40+ but they are not as good as higher priced one, but adequate...the ukraine and polish ones on ebay look weird
I have a full piece Sheriff and a Thornes Tunic type (for "quick jobs"). Guess which one lets the bu**ers through most.

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