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Queen Bee
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Nov 10, 2008
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Maesteg South Wales
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Well spent most of sunday fencing an area off and building hive stands, as we are moving our association hives due to theft. They should be safer at the new site as it has good security.
I have also been offered another site for my bees, I will be glad to move mine as I am sick of the kids throwing stones at the hives. So looks like I have a lot of hives to move in the next couple of weeks.
It will be worth it Craig, just to have peace of mind :)
Went to look at the farm site for my bees today. Great site and a lovely old farmers wife living there. She has 2 hives there and wants me to look after them as well. It is well off the road and round the back of the farm house so security is good as well. Will be moving mine very soon. :cheers2:

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