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Dec 14, 2008
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East Yorkshire
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I am wanting to move my hives about 60m to the other side of my garden.

Is it warming up to much now that I am back to 3ft or so every day?
If your hives are as active as mine then I'd say it's back to moving them 3ft a day. And given then 3ft is just over 0.9m, you'll be looking at over 66 days before you complete your move. Phew... It would probably be easier and quicker to move them somewhere 3 miles away for a few weeks and then move them back again.
I moved all my hives today 2ft.

I was going to go for 4ft but they started getting confussed when the foragers returned so dropped it down,2ft today and 2ft in a couple of weeks.
I dont mind it taking that long.

The reason for moving is two fold

1 They have probaly lost out over the past few months on some sun/ warmth due to been close to a hedge / fence and therfore not getting the low winters sun.
2 They will be further away from the neighbours

I did think about over a couple of days moving them into my trailer and then it would be a simple 30 second job to move them the 2/3 ft en mass (4 hives) in my trailer.
Thinking about it, what I will do is when I preform an AS on the hives, I will use this action to enable the movement of the queenless section(s).

The orginal hives will then be sold on to local assocation members.

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