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Nov 10, 2008
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Maesteg South Wales
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Well finally moved my bees from the site where they were getting vandalised. Someone throwing large rocks onto the roofs of the hives. They are now on a farm with plenty of forage around them and loads of balsom later in the year. Still needs a bit of work and some fencing but glad to have them some where safe. The owner said have as many as you like. I just have to look after her 2 hives as well. (The pics were taken while the entrances were still blocked)

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Site looks nice but will the tree foliage screen the sunlight? I've one apiary in a plantation since the trees have grown into the black forest I spend more time trying to manage bees at that site as they are incredibly stroppy as lots of foragers seem to be at home.

Just a thought...
Most of the trees are to the right of the hives the left is all open. The place I moved from had more tree cover than this so hopefully it should be a better location. The biggest factor for me at the moment is that the bees are out of harms way. If I get a little less honey then that will be worth it for the peace of mind. I used to dread what I would find when checking them at the old site. :cheers2:
Spotted it on google earth - you may want to beef up security !
sorry only joking..scary thought though !

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